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Selling Your Books

We buy books, but very selectively. To be blunt but truthful, we don't want most books. The coming of the internet and the emptying out and closing of most shops has rendered common books effectively worthless in terms of money. Our focus is on slightly uncommon to rather rare books, mainly for collectors, scholars, and libraries. We want books that are worth a small to a large premium by virtue of importance of the author, edition, and condition. We prefer older books, say before 1940, and generally don't want books published in the last decade or so.

Good subjects for us are science, travel & exploration, Asia, Arctic and Antarctic, antiquarian books before 1900, fine bindings, private press, and some sports. We like important and/or obscure Canadiana as well as Canadian literature that we don't already have that we think we can sell (we already have the world's largest stock of unsold out of print and rare Canadian literature). We also have a weakness for pre-1930 fiction by interesting authors. We buy far fewer modern literary first editions than we used to, but still buy more important ones if they are scarce enough and in nice enough condition. We don't buy most paperbacks, can't sell art books except for a small number of Canadian art books and exhibition catalogues of years past, don't want picture or coffee table books generally, or best seller fiction including thrillers. Sociology, psychology, business, technical, health and wellness, and text books are also not of interest. We are interested in some photos, pamphlets, and printed ephemera. But there are always plenty of exceptions to these very general guidelines, so we would be happy for you to contact us if you think you have something special to sell. We can tell you if we are interested in buying over the telephone or internet, but cannot and will not make a definite offer for anything until we have seen it in person. If you want to send us a list of what you have for sale, please feel free, but don't go into too much detail. Author, title, publisher, and year of publication if you can determine that are usually enough for us to know whether or not we need to ask more questions.

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