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CRANE, Jocelyn
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1975.
Thick quarto, green cloth. pp (xxiv), (737). Illustrated, tables, bibliography, index. Fine copy. Dust jacket has chips and tears to spine ends; good. A survey of the members of the genus Uca, with special reference to their morphology, social behavior, and evolution. Her account is firmly based on numerous field studies along the world's warmer shores and on comparative work in laboratories and museums. Note: 3.5 kg parcel, extra shipping will be required.
$150.00                          Book Number: 46104                          Order / Enquire

Cutler, Edward B.
The Sipuncula: their systematics, biology, and evolution
Ithaca, New York: Comstock / Cornell University Press, 1994.
Octavo, blue cloth. pp (xx), 453. Illustrated, bibliography, index. Fine copy. Note: 1.5 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$85.00                          Book Number: 45946                          Order / Enquire

DARWIN, Charles
THE ZOOLOGY OF THE VOYAGE OF H.M.S. BEAGLE, Under the Command of Captain Fitzroy R.N., During the Years 1832 to 1836....
London: Royal Geographical Society / C.I.L., 1994.
Title page continues: "Part I. Fossil Mammalia: By Richard Owen; Part II Mammalia by George R. Waterhouse; Part III. Birds by John Gould; Fish by The Rev. Leonard Jenyns". Facsimile edition. No. 926 of a Limited Edition of 1000 signed by Dr John Hemming. Four volumes, quarto. Bound in half tan calf leather decorated in gilt, marbled endpapers, spines with raised bands, bound-in ribbon markers. Enclosed in a wooden reading box, with inlay to ends, attached hinged reading stand/lectern, velveteen base. Contents: Vol.I. Fossil Mammalia. (Robert Owen, 1840) iv + iv + 111 pp. +large folding plate + 32 b/w plates. Vol.II. Mammalia. (George Waterhouse, 1839) 97 pp. + 32 coloured plates, and 3 b/w plates. Vol.III. Birds. (John Gould, 1841) 156 pp. + [8] index + 50 coloured plates. Vol.IV. Fish (Leonard Jenyns, 1842) xv + [1] + 172 pp. + 29 monochrome plates. Together with Reptillia (Thomas Bell) vi + 51 pp. + 20 plates. (originally published in parts and in book form between 1838 and 1843). Fine condition. Note: heavy parcel, extra postage will be required.
$995.00                          Book Number: 44444                          Order / Enquire

Fred Cooke; Hugh Dingle; Stephen Hutchinson; Richard Schodde; Noel Tait; Richard Carl Vogt
The Encyclopedia of Animals: A Complete Visual Guide
Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004.
Thick squarish quarto, glossy illustrated boards. pp 608. Colour illustrations, index. Fine copy. Jacket has reading creases to inner margin of front panel, else fine. Note: 3 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$29.95                          Book Number: 46138                          Order / Enquire

New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1999.
Quarto, green boards. pp 320. Colour and b&w illustrations, index. Faint damp stains to covers, a VG clean and unworn jacketless copy otherwise.. Note: 1.5 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$19.95                          Book Number: 46141                          Order / Enquire

Hoffmann, Richard L.
MYRIAPODA 4: Polydesmida: Oxydesmidae. The Animal Kingdom: a compilation and characterization of the recent animal groups. Part 107
Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1990.
Octavo, tan printed cloth. pp (xvi), (514). Illustrated, bibliography, index. Fine copy. In print at USD 1119.00 (Jul 2016).
$350.00                          Book Number: 46091                          Order / Enquire

LUC, M., R.A. Sikora, and J. Bridge, editors
Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Subtropical and Tropical Agriculture
Wallingford, OX / Cambrdige, MA: CABI Publishing, 2005.
Second edition. Tall octavo, glossy boards. pp (xxii), 871. Illustrated, index. Fine copy. This fully updated second edition covers all aspects of practical plant nematology in subtropical and tropical agriculture. It covers the major food and cash crops including; rice, cereals, solanum and sweet potatoes and other root and tuber crops, food legumes, vegetables, peanut, citrus, tree and fruit crops, coconut and other palms, coffee, cocoa, tea, bananas, sugarcane, tobacco, pineapple, cotton, other tropical fibers, spices, condiments and medicinal plants. It provides practical guidance on methods of extraction, processing and diagnosing of different plant and soil nematodes and on integrated pest management. Note: 3 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$150.00                          Book Number: 46107                          Order / Enquire

Mangel, Marc; Clark, Colin W.
Dynamic Modeling in Behavioral Ecology
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1988.
Blue cloth, pp 308, indexed. Fine copy, no owner marks. Dust jacket has a vertical crease to front flap, else fine. This book describes a powerful and flexible technique for the modeling of behavior, based on evolutionary principles. The technique employs stochastic dynamic programming and permits the analysis of behavioral adaptations wherein organisms respond to changes in their environment and in their own current physiological state. Models can be constructed to reflect sequential decisions concerned simultaneously with foraging, reproduction, predator avoidance, and other activities. The authors show how to construct and use dynamic behavioral models. Part I covers the mathematical background and computer programming, and then uses a paradigm of foraging under risk of predation to exemplify the general modeling technique. Part II consists of five "applied" chapters illustrating the scope of the dynamic modeling approach. They treat hunting behavior in lions, reproduction in insects, migrations of aquatic organisms, clutch size and parental care in birds, and movement of spiders and raptors. Advanced topics, including the study of dynamic evolutionarily stable strategies, are discussed in Part III.
$24.95                          Book Number: 47456                          Order / Enquire

MARTIN, Joel W. and George F. Davis
Los Angeles: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Count, 2001.
Tall octavo, card covers. pp (8), 124. Near fine. Science Series no. 39.
$29.95                          Book Number: 46117                          Order / Enquire

Martin, R.D, editor
Breeding Endangered Species in Captivity
London: Academic Press, 1975.
Quarto, blue boards. pp (xxvi), 420; numerous photos in text, bibliography, index. Ink name on front pastedown crossed out in black (mostly hidden by jacket flap); else a nearly fine copy, no marks in text, in a VG dust jacket. 1.5 kg parcel.
$24.95                          Book Number: 27336                          Order / Enquire

NOWAK, Ronald M.
WALKER'S MAMMALS OF THE WORLD. Sixth edition (2 volumes)
Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1999.
Two volumes, tall octavo, black cloth. Black and white photos, index. Fine in fine jackets. First printing of the sixth and latest edition. "From aardwolves and bandicoots to yapoks and zorillas, Ernest P. Walker's Mammals of the World is the most comprehensive - the pre-eminent- reference work on mammals. Now, completely revised and updated, this fascinating guide is better than ever. Providing a complete account of every genus of mammal in all historical time, the sixth edition is 25 percent longer than its predecessor. Of the previous generic accounts, 95 percent have been substantively modified, and there are 80 new ones - among them, three remarkable, large ungulates recently discovered in the forests of Indochina. New also is a full account of the woolly mammoth, now known to have survived until less than 4,000 years ago." In print at USD 160 (amazoid, july 2016). Note: 6 kg parcel, extra shipping will be required.
$85.00                          Book Number: 46128                          Order / Enquire

Pearse, Vicki, and others
Living Invertebrates
Abingdon, Oxford, UK: Blackwell Scientic Publications, 2000.
9th printing of the 1992 revised edition. Tall octavo, card covers. pp (xiv), 848. Illustrations, photos (some in colour), index. Fine copy. Note: 2 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$29.95                          Book Number: 46119                          Order / Enquire

Pennak, Robert W.
Fresh-Water Invertebrates of the United States: Protozoa to Mollusca, Third Edition
New York: Wiley-Interscience, 1989.
Quarto, red boards. pp (xviii), 628. Illustrated, index. Fine copy. Pink dust jacket is faded on spine and margins of front panel, creases to corner of rear panel, VG otherwise. Note: 2 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$35.00                          Book Number: 46131                          Order / Enquire

Siddiqi, Mohammad Rafiq
Tylenchida: Parasites of Plants and Insects
Wallingford, Oxford/ New York: CABI Publishing, 2000.
Second edition. Tall octavo, glossy boards. pp (xviii), 833. Illustrated, references, index. Fine copy. The increasing use of integrated crop management, often requiring a reduction in the reliance upon chemical control, means that the need to rapidly identify pest nematodes has never been greater. This second edition of this standard reference work familiar to all plant nematologists is therefore even more useful than its predecessor published in 1986. The in-depth description of the life histories of the genera of the Tylenchida have been retained and brought up-to-date through the inclusion of all the research carried out between the publication of the last edition and this new edition. This expanded edition includes detailed diagnoses of well over 200 genera and familial and ordinal groups and the book is heavily illustrated with drawings of type or representative species. These, together with comprehensive lists of species and genera and their synonymies provide the foundation for the status and validation of each taxon within the Tylenchida. A considerable amount of information is provided regarding the biology, ecology and pathogenicity of these parasites. This book is the only comprehensive reference work on this important group of nematodes. In print at USD 380.00 (Amazon, 07/16). Note: 2.5 kg parcel, extra shipping will be required.
$175.00                          Book Number: 46099                          Order / Enquire

Sleigh, Michael A.
Protozoa and Other Protists
Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1991.
Octavo, card covers. pp x, 342. Illustrated, index. Fine copy.
$45.00                          Book Number: 46137                          Order / Enquire

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