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Aktas, Gülen, Saclioglu, Cihan, Serdaroglu, Meral , editors
Strings and Symmetries: Proceedings of the Gürsey Memorial Conference I, Held at Istanbul, Turkey, 6-10 June 1994
Berlin: Springer, 1995.
Yellow & orange boards. pp 389. Fine copy, no owner marks. Lecture Notes in Physics series
$34.95                          Book Number: 47396                          Order / Enquire

Benfatto, Giuseppe; Gallavotti, Giovanni
Renormalization Group
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1995.
Maroon cloth, pp (143). Small abrasion to inner edge of front cover and spine edge, else a fine copy, no owner marks. Physics Notes No. 1. Scaling and self-similarity ideas and methods in theoretical physics have, in the last twenty-five years, coalesced into renormalization-group methods. This book analyzes, from a single perspective, some of the most important applications: the critical-point theory in classical statistical mechanics, the scalar quantum field theories in two and three space-time dimensions, and Tomonaga's theory of the ground state of one-dimensional Fermi systems.
$45.00                          Book Number: 47408                          Order / Enquire

Bhaduri, Rajat K.
Models of the Nucleon: From Quarks to Soliton
Redwood City, CA: Addison-Wesley, 1988.
Glossy boards. pp 360, index. Lecture Notes and Supplements in Physics Series, Vol 22. Fine copy, no owner marks.
$45.00                          Book Number: 47444                          Order / Enquire

Boyko, Vladamir S., Ruvin I. Garber, Arnold M. Kossevich
Reversible Crystal Plasticity
New York: American Institute of Physics, 1994.
Glossy boards, pp 294. Fine copy, no owner marks. In print (2017) at USD 137.00.
$65.00                          Book Number: 47345                          Order / Enquire

BRAGG, W. Lawrence, Sir. H.J. Emeléus
Brooklyn, New York: Chemical Publishing Co., 1950.
Blue-green cloth. [4], 99 pp + plates; diagrams in text. Damp stain to lower spine and lower inner corners of covers; else a VG clean, tight and unworn jacketless copy, no previous owner marks. Bragg shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with his father in 1915 for their work on x-rays. Made from UK sheets.
$25.00                          Book Number: 19301                          Order / Enquire

New York: Dover, 1946.
Liithographed reprint of the Paris: Masson, 1938, edition. Text in French. Grey cloth. [2], (xii), 364, [4, ads], [2, blank] pp. Bit of foxing to top page edges; yellowing to endpapers and page edges; ink name and date to front free endpaper; else a VG tight and unworn jacketless copy, no marks in text. Contains an author preface in English for this edition. Includes includes a discussion of general theorems of mechanics and quantum theory of solids.
$25.00                          Book Number: 15470                          Order / Enquire

Brodie, Ivor; Muray, Julius J.
The Physics of Microfabrication
New York: Plenum Press, 1987.
Fourth printing. Blue boards. pp 503, indexed. Fine copy, no owner marks, in VG jacket. The Physical Electronics Department of SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) has been pioneering the development of devices fabricated to submicron tolerances for well over 20 years. In 1961, a landmark paper on electron-beam lithography and its associated technologies was published by K. R. Shoulderst (then at SRI), which set the stage for our subsequent efforts in this field. He had the foresight to believe that the building of such small devices was actually within the range of human capabilities. As a result of this initial momentum, our experience in the technologies associated with microfabrication has become remarkably comprehensive, despite the relatively small size of our research activity. We have frequently been asked to deliver seminars or provide reviews on various aspects of micro­ fabrication. These activities made us aware of the need for a comprehensive overview of the physics of microfabrication. We hope that this book will fill that need. In print (2017) at USD 319.00. 1.5 kg parcel.
$24.95                          Book Number: 47507                          Order / Enquire

BROGLIE, Louis de
Paris: Albin Michel, 1956.
Second printing ("2e mille"). (360) pp + one plate (photo of Einstein). Text paper a little toned, as usual; very small chip at foot of spine; spine very lightly tanned, faint soiling to covers; book a little leaned; else a VG clean, tight and unworn copy otherwise. Popular science by the reknowed Nobel Laureate.
$25.00                          Book Number: 20911                          Order / Enquire

BROGLIE, Maurice de (1875-1960)
X-RAYS. Translated by J.R. Clarke
London: Methuen, 1925.
Octavo, light blue cloth. pp [2], (xiv), 203 pp + 7 plates and one folding table. 39 diagrams in text, Index. Band of yellowing to inner margins of free endpaper (from binding materials), short shallow bruise to upper inner corner of rear cover; spine very lightly darkened; else fine and fresh, no owner marks. Cream dust jacket lightly yellowed to spine and flap folds; tiny chips to spine ends; short shallow chip to upper inner corner of rear panel; else fine, flap price intact. "This book is intended to assist those who have not specialised in this branch of science, to make themselves familiar with modern X-ray physics. To this end a somewhat new treatment has been adopted. A well-illustrated chapter on X-ray spectographs increases the value of the work." - jacket. Maurice de Broglie was the elder brother of Louis de Broglie. They sometimes collaborated and co-authored a paper in 1921. Louis built on their shared research, but he was a theoretical physicist whereas Maurice was an experimental physicist. Louis was the first to postulate the wave-partical duality of matter, in 1924, and he won a Nobel Prize in 1929. Maurice did important work on in the study of X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy (he invented X-ray spectroscopy). In 1942 he assumed the Chair of Physics in the Collège de France and was elected to the Royal Society in London in 1940, having received their Hughes Medal in 1928 for his work on X-ray spectra. A superior copy of an important physics book.
$195.00                          Book Number: 41862                          Order / Enquire

BUKA, Agnes and Lorenz Kramer, editors
New York: Springer, 1996.
Octavo, printed boards without jacket, as issued. pp (xii), 339. Fine copy, no owner marks. A volume in the publisher‘s Partially Ordered Systems series.
$19.95                          Book Number: 31502                          Order / Enquire

CROMPTON, Arthur Holly (Marjorie Johnston, editor)
New York: Knopf, 1967.
(xxii), 468, (xv, index), blue cloth. Former owner's name on front pastedown, (blue) topstain faded and spotted, else VG+, bright and tight. Price-clipped dust jacket has a few small holes to rear panel; rubbing and short tears to spine tips; short tear and small red spots on front panel; VG otherwise. "The public papers, both scientific and humanistic, addressed to his fellow citizens by one of this century's most distinguished physicists and philosophers of science." Introduction by Vannevar Bush. Compton was the co-winner of the 1927 Nobel Prize for Physics. Note: 1.5 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$25.00                          Book Number: 20905                          Order / Enquire

CROWTHER, James Arnold
New York / London: Longmans, Green / Edward Arnold, 1919.
Blue cloth. pp xii, 276. Index. Ex Franklin Institute Library, with spine label, label inside front cover (Bloomfield H. Moore Memorial Fund), perforations in title leaf, pouch and label at rear; else a VG clean, tight and unworn copy. At time of publication Crowther was University Demonstrator in Experimental Physics in the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge.
$40.00                          Book Number: 44759                          Order / Enquire

De Gandt, François
Force and Geometry in Newton's "Principia" . Translated by Curtis Wilson
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1995.
Black cloth, 296 pp. Fine in fine jacket, no owner marks.
$29.95                          Book Number: 47362                          Order / Enquire

DROSNE, P. (Paul Marie Alexandre Eugène Drosne)
LA STRUCTURE DE LA MATIÈRE, DE L'ÉNERGIE ET DE L'ESPACE PHYSIQUE. Essai d'une Géométrie naturelle, dans le cadre des Théories atomiques à l'aide du langage relativiste.
Paris: Etienne Chiron, 1922.
Octavo, original yellow-orange paper covers. 171, [1, blank], [4, ads] pp. Spine has vertical cracks, small abrasion, small chips and tears at foot; one inch creased tear to rear cover; text paper tanned; slight darkening to s pine and margins of covers; externally about VG, internally fine, pages unopened.
$30.00                          Book Number: 14808                          Order / Enquire

Dunne, Gerald
Self-Dual Chern-Simons Theories
Berlin: Springer, 1995.
Yellow and orange boards. pp 217. Lecture Notes in Physics Monographs series. Fine copy, no owner marks. Self-dual Chern-Simons theories form a new class of self-dual gauge theories and provide a field theoretical formulation of anyonic excitations in planar (i.e., two-space-dimensional) systems. Much of the recent attention of these theories is due to the surprising and novel ways in which they differ from the standard Maxwell, or Yang-Mills, gauge theories. These Chern-Simons theories are particular to planar systems and have therefore received added research impetus from recent experimental and theoretical breakthroughs in actual planar condensed-matter systems, such as the quantum Hall effect. This book gives a pedagogical introduction to the basic properties of the "self-dual" Chern-Simons theories, concluding with an overview of more advanced results and an extensive bibliography. Such models possess Bogomol'nyi energy bounds, topological charges, vortex solutions, and supersymmetric extensions, features which are familiar from other well-known self-dual systems such as instantons, monopoles, and vortices. This book is intended mainly for graduate students having some familiarity with gauge theory, but will also be of interest to researchers in related fields.
$50.00                          Book Number: 47446                          Order / Enquire

Freund, Peter G. O.
Introduction to Supersymmetry
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986.
Blue boards. pp 152, indexed. Fine in fine jacket, no owner marks. Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics series. Just as ordinary symmetries relate various forms of matter to each other, and various basic forces to each other, so the novel concept of supersymmetry relates (Fermi) matter to (Bose) force. It is the aim of this book to provide a brief introductory description of the new physical and mathematical ideas involved in formulating supersymmetric theories. The book starts with a physical motivation of supersymmetry, a presentation of the mathematics of Lie superalgebras, supergroups and superspace. Techniques for constructing manifestly globally supersymmetric field theories are given, using the superfield formalism. To allow for a clear flow of ideas, the basic ideas and techniques are worked out in low space dimensionalities where the formulae do not obscure the concepts. Generalizations to four space-time dimensions are then readily come by. Some quantum aspects are discussed. Possible phenomenological applications are not emphasized. Supergravities, locally supersymmetric theories are then considered in 4 and 11 dimensions, in component formalism. An introduction to supersymmetry will be of interest to postgraduate students and researchers in theoretical and particle physics, especially those working in quantum field theory, quantum gravity, general relativity and supergravity. The book will also be of interest to mathematicians with an interest in theoretical physics.
$24.95                          Book Number: 47482                          Order / Enquire

Garbaczewski, Piotr ; Wolf, Marek ; & Weron, Aleksander ; editors
Chaos. The Interplay Between Stochastical and Deterministic Behaviour: Proceedings of the XXXIst Winter School of Theoretical Physics Held in Karpacz, Poland 13 - 24 February 1995
Springer, 1995.
Octavo, printed boards, pp 574. Fine copy, no owner marks. This hardcover is out of print but the paperback is available (2017) at USD 99..00. 1.5 kg parcel
$65.00                          Book Number: 47288                          Order / Enquire

Green, Michael B., John H. Scwarz and Edward Witten
Superstring Theory: Volume 2, Loop Amplitudes, Anomalies and Phenomenology
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988.
Second printing of the 1988 corrected paperback edition. Green card covers, pp 596. indexed. Fine copy, no owner marks. Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics. In print (2017) at USD 101.00. 1.5 kg parcel.
$45.00                          Book Number: 47391                          Order / Enquire

Gu Chaohao, editor
Soliton Theory and Its Applications
New York: Springer, 1995.
Yellow boards. pp 403, indexed. Very nearly fine, no owner marks. Soliton theory is an important branch of applied mathematics and mathematical physics. An active and productive field of research, it has important applications in fluid mechanics, nonlinear optics, classical and quantum fields theories etc..This book presents a broad view of soliton theory. It gives an expository survey of the most basic ideas and methods, such as physical background, inverse scattering, Bäcklund transformations, finite-dimensional completely integrable systems, symmetry, Kac-Moody algebra, solitons and differential geometry, numerical analysis for nonlinear waves, and gravitational solitons. Besides the essential points of the theory, several applications are sketched and some recent developments, partly by the author and his collaborators, are presented. This book has been written for specialists, as well as for teachers and students in mathematics and physics. In print at CAD 179.00 (2017)..
$50.00                          Book Number: 47432                          Order / Enquire

Halley, J. Woods, editor
Theories of High-Temperature Superconductivity
Redwood City, CA: Addison-Wesley, 1988.
Octavo, glossy boards, pp 264. Fine copy, no owner marks.
$14.95                          Book Number: 47295                          Order / Enquire

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