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TRANSACTIONS OF THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE Volume VI. Semi-Centennial Memorial Volume 1849-1899
Toronto: The Institute, 1899.
Quarto, original blue cloth spine gilt lettered and cream sides. (xvi), 660 pp + frontispiece portrait of Sir William Edmond Logan, first President of the Canadian Institute + colour and b&w plates, map. Illustrations in text. Spine very lightly sunned; foxing spots to sides; text paper toned; else a VG clean, tight and unworn copy, no owner names. Contains "The Early Days if the Canadian Institute" by Sir Sanford Fleming, "The Iroquois Beach" by A.P. Coleman, "The Geological History of Lake Superior" by Robert Bell, "The Origin of Gender" by A.J. Bell, "On the Classifications of the Déné Tribes" by A.G. Morice, "The Use and Abuse" of Philology" by A.G. Morice, "Decipherment of the Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Central America", a long section by John Campbell, "The Oldest Written Records of the League of the Iroquois" by John Campbell, "Famous Algonquins: Algic Legends" by James Cleland Hamilton, "The Magnetic Influence of the Sun on the Eart and on Comets" by Arthur Harvey, "The Contest for the Command of Lake Erie in 1812-1813" by Ernest Cruikshank, "The Mesenterial Filaments in Zoanthus Sociatus (Ellis)" by J. Playfair McMurrich, "On the Structure of Micro-Chemistry and Development of Nerve Cells, with Special Reference to their Nuclein Compounds" by F.H. Scott, "On the Cytology of Non-Nucleated Organisms" by A.R. Macallum, "The Anatomy of the Orang Outang (Simia Satyrus)" by A. Primrose, "The Morphology of the Central Cylinder in the Angiosperms" by Edward C. Jeffrey, and "New Species of Canadian Fungi" by J.B. Ellis and John Dearness. Note: 2.5 kg parcel, extra postage will be required.
$60.00                          Book Number: 44698                          Order / Enquire

Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins, 1984 / 1986, 1986.
Two volumes, quarto, blue cloth. Ex library, with rubber stamps to front free endpapers, hal-titles, and title pages, as well as lower page edges of Volume 2;Volume 1 has lamination to margins of pastedowns; else a VG clean and unworn pair, no other library marks. Note: 6 kg parcel, extra shipping will be required,
$50.00                          Book Number: 45934                          Order / Enquire

New York: Springer, 2001-2012, 2001.
7 volumes, quarto, black cloth. Consisting of Volume 1 (2001), Volume 2 Parts A,B, and C (2005), Volume Three (2009), Volume Five Parts A and B (2012). Fine condition, no previous owner marks. Note: 19 kg parcel, extra shipping will be required,
$850.00                          Book Number: 45935                          Order / Enquire

AVERY, Donald H. and Mark Eaton
THE MEANING OF LIFE: The scientific and social experiences of Everitt and Robert Murray 1930-1964
Toronto: Champlain Society, 2008.
Thick octavo, red crested cloth, spine stamped in gilt. pp cxxvi, 817 + plates. Indexed. Edition of 800 numbered copies, this copy unnumbered. Fine copy, no owner marks. No. 69 in the General Series of the society. Note: 2 kg parcel, extra shipping will be required.
$40.00                          Book Number: 37010                          Order / Enquire

Babskii, V.G.; Zhukov, M.Yu.; Yudovich, V.I.
Mathematical Theory of Electrophoresis. Translated from the Russian by Cathy Flick
New York: Consultants Bureau / Plenum Press, 1989.
Glossy boards, pp 241. Slight rubbing to the surface gloss, else a fine copy, no owner marks. The development of contemporary molecular biology with its growing tendency toward in-depth study of the mechanisms of biological processes, structure, function, and identification of biopolymers requires application of accurate physicochemical methods. Electrophoresis occupies a key position among such methods. A wide range of phenomena fall un­ der the designation of electrophoresis in the literature at the present time. One common characteristic of all such phenomena is transport by an elec­ tric field of a substance whose particles take on a net charge as a result of interaction with the solution. The most important mechanisms for charge generation are dissociation of the substance into ions in solution and for­ mation of electrical double layers with uncompensated charges on particles of dispersed medium in the liquid. As applied to the problem of separation, purification, and analysis of cells, cell organelles, and biopolymers, there is a broad classification of electrophoretic methods primarily according to the methodological charac­ teristics of the process, the types of supporting media, etc. An extensive literature describes the use of these methods for the investigation of differ­ ent systems. A number of papers are theoretical in nature. Thus, the mi­ croscopic theory has been developed rather completely [13] by considering electrophoresis within the framework of electrokinetic phenomena based on the concept of the electrical double layer.
$45.00                          Book Number: 47487                          Order / Enquire

Burt, Austin; Trivers, Robert
Genes in Conflict: The Biology of Selfish Genetic Elements
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2006.
Black and grey cloth. pp (x), 602 + plates. Illustrations, references, index. Very nearly fine, no owner marks, in fine jacket. 1.5 kg
$29.95                          Book Number: 46600                          Order / Enquire

CAMERON, Thomas W.M., editor [Charles Darwin].
EVOLUTION: Its Science and Doctrine. Symposium Presented to the Royal Society of Canada in 1959. L'Evolution: Colloque présenté à la Société Royale du Canada en 1959.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1960.
Red cloth. (xii), 242, [2] pp. One folding chart, diagrams in text. VG copy, no previous owner marks. Dust jacket has large chips, damp stains; fair. A symposium organized to commemorate the centenary of ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES. 20 articles (one in French), including "Samuel Butler and Evolution" by Claude Bissell.
$25.00                          Book Number: 15502                          Order / Enquire

Committee on Common Names of Cnidaria and Ctenophora, S.D. Cairns, Chair
Common and Scientific Names of Aquatic Invertebrates From the United States and Canada: Cnidaria and Ctenophora
Bethesda, MD: American Fisheries Society, 2002.
Second edition. Tall octavo, card covers. pp (xii), 115. Colour photos, index. Lacking the CD at rear, else fine.
$18.95                          Book Number: 46096                          Order / Enquire

Crosby, Alfred W.
Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900 (Studies in Environment and History)
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988.
Fifth printing. Green cloth. pp xiv, 368 + plates. Notes, index. Ink owner name at front (twice), corner crease to two leaves, else fine. Dust jacket has two nicks, else fine. "By focusing on the ecological side of European expansion, Crosby shows how the Europeans were able to take over temperate lands because of the rapid triumph of the plants, animals and germs they brought with them."
$18.00                          Book Number: 43963                          Order / Enquire

DAWKINS, Richard
THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH: the evidence for evolution
New York: Free Press, 2009.
Cloth & boards. pp (xii), 470 + colour plates; B&w photos and illustrations in text, index. Remainder stripe to top page edges, else fine. Dust jacket has light rubbing to surface glossy, else fine. Dawkins takes on the Creationists by way of a thorough account of why evolution in a fact beyond all doubt. 40% of Americans don't believe it is.
$15.00                          Book Number: 44054                          Order / Enquire

DAWKINS, Richard
New York: Ecco, 2013.
Octavo, black & grey boards. pp (x), (310) + plates (some in colour). Index. Small soft bump to lower outer corner of front cover, else fine in fine jacket, flap price intact.
$18.95                          Book Number: 45952                          Order / Enquire

DAWKINS, Richard
UNWEAVING THE RAINBOW: science, delusion and the appetite for wonder
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998.
Octavo, cloth & boards. pp xiv, (337). Index. Fine in fine, price-clipped jacket.
$14.95                          Book Number: 45954                          Order / Enquire

DWORKIN, Martin, et al, editors
THE PROKARYOTES: a handbook on the biology of bacteria. Third edition (7 volume set)
New York: Springer, 2006.
Seven volume set, complete. Quarto, original dark green cloth. Fine condition, not ex library, no owner marks. In print at USD 7,380.00. Note: 32 kg parcel, considerable extra shipping will be required.
$2495.00                          Book Number: 45933                          Order / Enquire

ECHOLS, Harrison
OPERATORS AND PROMOTERS: the story of molecular biology and its creators
Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001.
Tall squarish octavo, black cloth. pp xx, (467). Illustrated, glossary, notes, bibliography, index. Fine in fine jacket. Note: 2.5 kg parcel, extra shipping will be required.
$39.95                          Book Number: 46121                          Order / Enquire

Eckstein, Fritz and David M. Lilley
Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Volume 9
New York: Springer, 1995.
Green boards, pp 376, indexed. Fine copy, no owner marks.
$45.00                          Book Number: 47513                          Order / Enquire

Esser, K. and P.A. Lemke
The Mycota: a Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Vol 3
Berlin: Springer, 1996.
Quarto, green cloth. pp 449. Fine copy, no owner names. 2 kg parcel.
$65.00                          Book Number: 47318                          Order / Enquire

Fish, J. D.; Fish, S.
A Student's Guide to the Seashore
Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1996.
Second edition.Tall octavo, printed boards. pp (xvi), 564. Illustrated, index. Fine copy. Note: 2 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$24.95                          Book Number: 46139                          Order / Enquire

GOULD, Stephen Jay
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2002.
Fifth printing, same year as first. Tall thick octavo, grey cloth. pp (xxiv), 1433, [3]. Biblioggraphy, index. Fine in fine jacket. Note: 3 kg parcel, extra postage will be required.
$45.00                          Book Number: 46086                          Order / Enquire

Lecointre, Guillaume and Hervé Le Guyader
The Tree of Life: A Phylogenetic Classification
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2006.
Quarto, green cloth. pp 560. Illustrated, index, illustrated charts attached at rear. Fine in fine jacket. Did you know that you are more closely related to a mushroom than to a daisy? That crocodiles are closer to birds than to lizards? That dinosaurs are still among us? That the terms fish, reptiles, and invertebrates do not indicate scientific groupings? All this is the result of major changes in classification, whose methods have been totally revisited over the last thirty years. Modern classification, based on phylogeny, no longer places humans at the centre of nature. Groups of organisms are no longer defined by their general appearance, but by their different individual characteristics. Phylogeny, therefore, by showing common ancestry, outlines a tree of evolutionary relationships from which one can retrace the history of life. This book diagrams the tree of life according to the most recent methods of classification. Each branch of the tree is a group that includes the hypothetical ancestor and all its descendants. The basis for classification is the evolutionary adaptations that the unique ancestor passed to its modern-day descendants. By showing how life forms arose and developed and how they are related, The Tree of Life presents a key to the living world in all its dazzling variety. Note: 2 kg parcel, extra postage may be required.
$35.00                          Book Number: 46111                          Order / Enquire

MAIENSCHEIN, Jane, editor
DEFINING BIOLOGY. Lectures from the 1890s.
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1986.
Blue boards. (xiv), 337, (1) pp. Photos in text. Corner crease to one leaf, else fine in bit edgeworn jacket, generally VG. Selections from the important Evening Lectures delivered at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory on Cape Cod.
$15.00                          Book Number: 10217                          Order / Enquire

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